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Bible Engagement At It's Best

Inspired By... The Bible Experience

Executive Producers

  • Ron Belk
  • Kyle Bowser
  • Robi Reed
  • Louis Brown




 The Bible Experience DNA:

Each book of Bible formatted in a theatrical Hollywood style script, identifying 368 Bible Characters; making each scripture ‘character driven’ delivering an illuminating and vivid experience.


  • Unique musical score by the Prague Symphony Orchestra designed for the product.
  • Team of 4 Producers, 2 Line Producers, 6 Directors, 3 Casting Directors, 5 Sound Supervisors, 23 Sound Engineers, 3 Music Producers and 2 Music Conductors.
  • Cast of 408 Notable Names, Celebrities, Artists, Entertainers & members of the Clergy
  • 3 Oscar winners (Forest Whitaker, Denzel Washington, and Cuba Gooding Jr.) 
  • 5 Golden Globe winners
  • 8 Emmy winners
  • 23 Grammy winners 
  • 48 Mega Church Pastors including T.D. Jakes, Charles Blake, Creflo Dollar, etc.

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